About Ellipse A/S

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Welcome, and thanks for looking. A little further down, you can read a quick introduction to who we are, and what we do.  But first, a quick introduction to the blog. Ellipse communicates with users and clients in many ways: facebook, direct newsletters to users, our You Tube video channel and now WordPress. The aim behind our blog is to give some informal clinical information on our products and treatments. We hope you enjoy it, and that you will follow it.


About Ellipse A/S

Ellipse A/S was founded in 1997, and is one of the pioneers in providing light-based treatments of the skin. Orginally known as Danish Dermatologic Development (3d or DDD for short) Ellipse is based in Denmark, and supplies systems to over 50 countries, using a network of over 40 distributors.

Ellipse A/S systems use I2PL technology – a patented dual mode filter  – to remove infrared light (IR). IR is not absorbed by the targets of our treatments (melanin and haemoglobin)  but is absorbed by the water in the skin. This ensures that the light that is directed to the skin contains only the wavelengths that are required to perform the treatment. Treatment with I²PL is thereby more effective, since it uses much less energy and does not require artificial cooling. The risk of side effects is also reduced.  For these reasons, Ellipse – unlike other Intense Pulsed Light  systems is able to offer practically painfree hair removal  – and hair removal that is known to last well over 10 years!

Ellipse also manufactures Nd:YAG lasers, for treatment of leg and facial vessels, using a patented SoftCool™ skin cooling system that removes the need for separate cooling.

Ellipse is a privately held company. The Headquarters in Denmark develops, manufactures and markets high-quality laser and IPL based systems for dermatologic treatments of a wide variety of medical and cosmetic conditions.  Ellipse wants to be the end customers’ preferred partner supplying innovative, clinically-proven, safe and effective solutions founded on light-based skin treatments.


Please note that this blog reflects our worldwide applications of Ellipse systems of which some may not be currently cleared for sale in the US.

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