Ellipse Rejuvenation: The clinical proof



Ellipse Rejuvenation treatments  (Skin Rejuvenation or Photorejuvenation depending on the applicator used)  are treatments to improve sun damaged skin – which either presents as redness (leading eventually to formation of larger blood vessels) or as areas of dyspigmentation, and eventually age spots (also called liver spots and medically called solar lentigines). In the US, the term rejuvenation is not allowed (there it is officially referred to as redness and pigmentation). But system operators and patients as always deserve to know that the treatments they offer  or receive work. The list below shows some of the clinical proof provided by Ellipse.

Facial photo rejuvenation using two different Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) wavelength bands. Peter Bjerring, MD et al. (Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 34: 120 – 126, 2004)

The first study, and an important one that should widespread success, but also showed that in European skin, on applicator used , the VL-2 (now remodelled as the VL+) produced better results on pigment, while the PR (now PR+) achieved better results on redness. The study also reported that despite using less energy, success with Ellipse required fewer treatments than  than with other Intense Pulsed Light devices..

Before and After Two Treatments

Before and After Two Treatments

Photorejuvenation by Intense Pulsed Light with objective measurement of skin colour in Japanese patients. Kei Negishi, MD et al. (Dermatol Surg 2006; 32: 1380 – 1387)

A fascinating study that shows not only high patient satisfaction, but highlighted a condition called hidden melasma, rare in Europe but more common in Asia, that had the potential to be impacted by treatment. Even more interesting, the study showed some ability to lighten the skin of the patient


Skin rejuvenation using intense pulsed light. A randomized controlled split-face trial with blinded response evaluation. Lene Hedelund, MD et. al. (Arch Dermatol/Vol 142, Aug. 2006, 985 – 990)

An important study showing that Ellipse treatments not only had a positive result on redness and pigment but also on skin texture


Safety and efficacy of a second-generation intense pulsed source for treating Asian skin. Harue Suzuki et al.

Another study showing good results, but also finding that vascular treatments on Asian skin were better using the VL-2/VL+ applicator, because of the slightly thicker epidermis

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Ellipseblogger is the collective name for the various service staff of Ellipse A/S; manufacturers of laser and Intense Pulsed Light (I2PL) solutions for aesthetic dermatology since 1997. Please note that this blog reflects our worldwide applications of Ellipse systems of which some may not be currently cleared for sale in the US.

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