The MultiFlex+ Nd:YAG from Ellipse is now even better for facial applications

Ellipse MultiFlex+ Nd:YAG starts the year with many new features.

The Ellipse Nd:YAG was recently CE-cleared not only for leg veins but also for facial telangiectasias, reticular vessels, resistant port wine stains and venous lakes. This makes Ellipse MultiFlex+ (which has both I2PL and Nd:YAG) the system of choice for any vascular lesion.


To accommodate for this wider application range the MultiFlex+ Nd:YAG (1064nm long pulse) has been redesigned with a more flexible cabling which improves ergonomics even further and which is much easier to clean.

One of the other big news is that the Nd:YAG now comes with three easily interchangeable tips.  The tips are exchanged by a one click operation and once the tip is dismantled the SoftCoolTM air channel can be easily cleaned.


1. The standard circular tip is similar to the original tip for treatment of most vessels.
2. The semi-circular tip (half-moon shaped) enables the operator to treat vessels closer to the nose or the eye.
3. The sapphire tip allows the operator to apply a light pressure to reveal and treat underlying feeder vessels.

Prof. Michael Drosner, who took active part in the modification project expresses his view on the Ellipse Nd:YAG as follows:

The best advantage of the new MultiFlex Nd:YAG is that we can easily change the tip and use either the glass window to build up pressure to minimize the load of haemangioma or other big chromophores. Or we change back to the small open tip, which enables me to go very close to the metal eye goggles – if needed.
Compared to the turnover it generates, the MultiFlex+ Nd:YAG is an inexpensive hand piece truly equivalent to other big standalone Nd:YAG’s. Among all my applicators the MultiFlex+ Nd:YAG is firing a quarter of all pulses fired
Professor Michael Drosner 20.09.2012

In addition to the above improvements, the MultiFlex+ system has SoftCoolTM air cooling, which  emits a continuous air stream of cooled air effectively removing excess heat before, during and after treatment. This makes the treatment more tolerable and minimizes adverse effects, removing the need for extra equipment or extra needed and no additional costs.

The MultiFlex+ Nd:YAG also includes an adjustable white working light, eliminating the need for a separate head-light and reducing reflection off the skin. A red aiming beam indicates the center of the spot ensuring good visibility of the treatment area making the leg veins more distinct.

In Pulse Definition Mode experienced users can adjust the spot size from 1.5 to 5 mm in 0.5 mm increments directly from the console without interrupting the treatment.

This combination of factors make Ellipse Nd:YAG one of the most effective vascular tools available today, producing truly excellent results.

About ellipseblogger

Ellipseblogger is the collective name for the various service staff of Ellipse A/S; manufacturers of laser and Intense Pulsed Light (I2PL) solutions for aesthetic dermatology since 1997. Please note that this blog reflects our worldwide applications of Ellipse systems of which some may not be currently cleared for sale in the US.

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